Moisture Barrier

  • Water Vapor Transmission

    Moisture and Water Vapor Transmission Rates in Packaging

    WVTR & MVTR Permeation 

    Many packaged products are sensitive to moisture. Therefore, control of water vapor into or out of the package is critical to the contained product’s quality. The permeability of packaging materials has a direct effect on a packages performance in terms of the contained products shelf-life. This permeation by moisture is measured by WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) or MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate). The primary purpose of packaging is to get the packaged product to the customer in one piece and suitable for consumption. Packaging plays many roles, containing and protecting products during distribution, storage, and use, while also promoting, educating, and selling. 

  • Barrier Coatings

    Poly (PE) Replacement Barrier Coatings and Test Methods

    Why Replace Petroleum Based Extrusion Coated Polyethylene?

    More and more printers and converters are responding to requests for paper and paperboard coatings that can replace petroleum based extrusion coated polyethylene (PE) or Poly Replacement. Alternative barrier coating products that are safe for the environment are in favor due to brand marketers, legislative, political and consumer pressure.

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