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Flexo Style Chambered Doctor Blade Metering Coaters 

Flexo style chambered doctor blade metering coaters have become the dominant coater type used on sheet fed offset presses. They have proved capable of producing high levels of precise, repeatable application of clear coatings, and other fluid products. Integral to this success has been the development of the laser engraved ceramic anilox roll, which is durable and does not wear over time. This means that the cells engraved into the ceramic to carry a pre-determined volume of liquid are consistently the same. 

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Chemicals Found in Fast Food Packaging 

A number of news outlets have recently reported, referred to, and quoted the findings of a study conducted in 2014-15 by Silent Spring Institute. The study was published in the journal, “Environmental Science & Technology Letters.” It reported on the finding of chemical substances (fluorinated compounds), that have been linked with health problems and cancer, in some fast food packaging.

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About Soft Touch Coatings 

Soft Touch coatings are able to provide products with a unique soft, warmer, more comfortable, luxurious, feel that humans intrinsically desire. The tactile, haptic effect provided is able to enhance the sensory perceptions of the consumer. Soft Touch coatings unquestionably add value to products as they impart appealing visual and tactile properties, setting products apart in the marketplace. It’s been long known that humans have an affinity for soft things. Because of this there is an ongoing global marketing trend to offer Soft Touch coatings to satisfy consumers and alter buying trends. Soft Touch coatings are being applied across a wide range of consumer product applications including automotive interiors, appliances, and consumer electronics, packaging, and labeling products. The result is the creation of a soft feel on ordinary paper, plastic, and metal substrates that is appealing to consumers, and adding value. 

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Aqueous coatings are complex blends that may have foaming issues.  Here are some ways to control foaming. Aqueous coatings are complex blends with the typical formula consisting of styrene/acrylic co-polymers, amines, water, plasticizer, waxes, surfactant, and an anti-foamer. The balance of each material portion to the total is important and enables a given target performance result to be achieved. 

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Dry Erase & Chalk Board UV Coatings

Specialty UV coatings give printers and brand managers alike the opportunity to create a product marketing advantage. Today, UV coatings that provide a smooth matte finish on a printed substrate are available from Cork Industries to create both whiteboard & chalkboard surfaces on a variety of common printable and coat-able substrates. Everyone should be familiar with dry erase white board and chalk “black” board writing surfaces. Think school, but what about other new creative applications for these UV coatings?

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Why use Aqueaous Coatings in Lithography? Productivity!

When a sheetfed offset lithographer is asked, “Why do you use overprint varnishes?” The stock answer is that conventional oleoresinous overprint press varnishes are used to protect conventional litho inks. An expanded answer adds that rub and scuff resistance can be improved and the finish can range from gloss to matte, etc. Somewhat the same answer is given by many when they are asked, “why are aqueous coatings used”? However, the really knowledgeable aqueous coating user answers that, productivity is the main reason to use aqueous solutions!

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Specialty UV Coatings Lead to Impulse Buying 

The creative use of decorative specialty UV printed coatings is opening the eyes of brand managers and impulse buyers alike. These attention demanding special effects UV coatings are proving to be capable of differentiating products and increasing impulse sales for retailers. What are the forces that stimulate us as we shop? Why is it that more often than not we leave a store with more than we set out to buy? Most of our high frequency shopping is done at the supermarket where supplies of daily used consumables are replenished. We typically go to the store with either a fixed mental or written shopping list. Most of us find that any shopping list that we started out with is expanded quickly as we react to various stimuli as we traverse stores aisles and indulge in impulse buying.

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UV/EB Materials 

Since March 2008, Ultraviolet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) ink, coating and adhesive formulations have been used in direct contact with food products. The change came about due to the efforts of the RadTech Food Packaging Alliance which was able to obtain FDA clearance for a number of UV/EB raw materials. This important FDA position allowed printers and converters to print, coat, and use adhesives on substrates where there is anticipated to be direct contact with some foods. 

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